26 diciembre 2010

Walk Cycles

Walk cycle. easy? simple ? really? are you serious ? I don`t think so. This was first time that I had to face with this character; extremes, contacts, passing position and try to get on well with the curves ( green, red, blue - I love you ).
Here you can see the results.  Here I am, step by step...

And here we have the second one. This time I had to make a 360º turn while this ball with 2 legs ( sometimes at night he comes to visit me ) was walking along the way. I'm not quite satisfied with the final result because this is not what I had in mind at first. But that what it is, and I won't stop trying. Yeehaa !!!!!!!!

If you could give me some feedback would be appreciated. I need it.

See you soon, and thanks for watching !!!

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